Urolithiasis in cats and cats
Urolithiasis in cats is the main cause of death of four-legged pets aged 1-6 years. At the same time, cats are 3 times less likely to become veterinarian patients than…

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Caution! Ticks!
Every year, earlier and earlier, the long-awaited and beloved spring comes. And with it, ixodid ticks, which are dangerous for our pets, are carriers of the deadly disease - pyroplasmosis…

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Toys for "Sawmill Dogs"
Gnawing anything is natural for dogs. Often owners are faced with the problem of damage to personal items and home decoration. Favorite shoes, slippers and furniture may suffer from the…

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prevention methods


From time immemorial, domestic animals were considered faithful four-legged friends of man. But before you start a pet, you should understand that it requires a lot of care, affection and care. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the risk of contracting any disease from a beloved cat or dog. But this is not scary, any disease can be prevented or prevented from occurring by regularly caring for your animal, performing all activities, and also visiting a veterinarian.
According to numerous studies, there are some diseases that can pass from a pet to a person:
Ringworm is a common disease that affects the skin caused by pathogenic fungi. Pathogens penetrate deep into the skin, and the inflammatory process begins. The carriers of the disease are dogs and cats.
When affected by ringworm, the following symptoms in animals are distinguished: red spots, hair loss in the affected area, strong tooth. First of all, the disease manifests itself on the head, ears or tail, then goes on to the rest of the body.
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What is the cat’s need for water?

How much water is needed for your cat and what determines the amount of fluid used, we will try to understand this article.

There are hot summer days and now more than ever it is important to have fresh drinking water. Cats have a unique ability to retain fluid in the body by concentrating urine. This skill is rooted in antiquity when our little four-legged friends were wild and lived in the desert steppe zones. Modern cats have inherited this skill from their ancestors, but how much water your cat really needs and what the amount of fluid used depends on, we will try to figure this article out.

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How to make cats friends

Cats are complex and delicate natures, and it is not known how they will react to the appearance of a furry neighbor. Even the competent actions of the owner are not a guarantee that animals make friends. Skirmishes threaten pets with constant stress, negatively affect their mental and physical health.
Second cat: yes or no?
Two cats in the house – this is an increase in financial costs and time for cleaning twice.

Veterinarians recommend having a second cat if the owner is not enough for one furry dog. But there are Continue reading

Is it possible for dogs to milk and other dairy products
The use of natural milk for the human body is beyond doubt of any competent person, because it contains a lot of healthy protein and natural enzymes. But what about…


Do you know why cats are afraid of water?
Cats - creatures wayward, independent and mysterious. One of their interesting features is chronic bathing intolerance. Why are cats afraid of water? You will be surprised, but most cats are…


The Furminator is an Essential Pet Care Tool
Furminator is a very useful pet care accessory. We will tell you about it in detail. In summer, your pets are as hot as you. In order for the animal…


Cat litter. How to choose?
A few days ago a friend approached me, who had just brought a kitten: “But a cat has been living with you for a long time, tell me what is…