How to train your dog at home
Training is necessary for pets of all breeds: large Caucasians and small Pekingese, Alabai and bulldogs, good-natured Labradors and handsome retriever. It is only important to know how to train…

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Toys for "Sawmill Dogs"
Gnawing anything is natural for dogs. Often owners are faced with the problem of damage to personal items and home decoration. Favorite shoes, slippers and furniture may suffer from the…

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The dog is eating grass. What does it mean?
Dogs do a lot of bizarre things, and one of these oddities is eating grass outside. Veterinarians say that about 80% of furry pets love to eat greens. It is…

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Diseases of the respiratory system in cats

Pets, in particular cats, as well as people can get sick with various diseases. Respiratory system disease can lead to respiratory failure, so it is important to know the symptoms and treatment. You also need to know how to provide first aid in order to save the life of your animal.
Consider a list of diseases of the respiratory system:
Rhinitis – inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which can occur in the primary form (infection with parasites, mechanical damage), in the secondary form (infection), be acute, chronic, catarrhal and follicular.
The primary form of rhinitis can occur due to the cooling of the animal’s body, when inhaling dust, smoke. In this case, the mucous membrane of the cat becomes dirty and swells, after which breathing becomes difficult. Chronic rhinitis has a tendency to reoccur. Inflammation can go to the larynx, pharynx. Continue reading


Since ancient times, it was customary to have a pet who participated in household chores. Cats fought with rodents, and dogs guarded the house or went hunting with the owner. Today, the pet is the favorite of all family members, which helps to cope with loneliness, cheers up, and also develops a sense of responsibility from childhood. Before you make a four-legged friend, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for caring for them. Indeed, the health and emotional state of the animal depends on the seriousness of the host’s approach to studying this issue.

Important points when purchasing a pet
Each owner wants for his pet to grow up healthy, active and energetic. To do this, you need to know some points for his future quality life: Continue reading

What food is better to feed a dog and puppy, what food is good?

What food is better to feed a dog and puppy, what food is good?
Each owner, respecting and loving his dog, asks the most important question: what kind of food is better to feed the dog?

Indeed, it is difficult to navigate when there are so many manufacturers, types and tastes of food for animals around. But the future life of the pet depends very much on the right diet, starting with the main puppy’s age, in which the bones, joints and the most important systems of the body are laid down and ending with the aging stage, when these systems need to be supported and at the same time not provoke the growth of unwanted microorganisms.

To get started, let’s figure out what NOT to do to determine which dog food is best.

1. You should not focus on widespread advertising. Continue reading

Water procedures for dogs: features and frequency of washing
Sooner or later, the new owner of a puppy or adult dog raises the question: how often to wash a pet, and how to do it? To date, there are…


Magnusson Feed - Keeping the Best
Imagine clean, fresh air, bright and warm sun, lush green grass and a refreshing breeze. Sounds like a resort, doesn't it? But it is in such conditions that the products…


From time immemorial, domestic animals were considered faithful four-legged friends of man. But before you start a pet, you should understand that it requires a lot of care, affection and…


Traveling with animals
Traveling with animals is very simple and pleasant, the main thing is to prepare well Many of us love travel. Someone prefers foreign or long trips by plane or train.…