Aquarium for beginners. How to choose an aquarium for home
Aquarium is beautiful. But to admire the underwater world in your apartment, it’s not enough just to go to the store and choose the first tank you like. Such a…

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Traveling with animals
Traveling with animals is very simple and pleasant, the main thing is to prepare well Many of us love travel. Someone prefers foreign or long trips by plane or train.…

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Water procedures for dogs: features and frequency of washing
Sooner or later, the new owner of a puppy or adult dog raises the question: how often to wash a pet, and how to do it? To date, there are…

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Chinese Crested

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Many parents do not allow the child to have a pet, arguing that they can get a number of diseases. But with proper care and regular hygiene measures, living together is possible. It is also worthwhile to understand that you should not buy an animal from the first person you meet, as there is a risk of the presence of certain diseases. It is better to overpay and buy from the breeder with all vaccinations, examinations and documents.

Regular hygiene measures support the physiological processes in the pet’s body, thereby improving its health, mood and behavior. Daily mandatory procedures include the care of teeth, eyes, ears, paws, claws Continue reading

A trip to the country

A trip to the country is always a holiday, especially when a four-legged friend is nearby!
Hot days have come, and now the whole family is randomly running around the apartment, trying not to forget everything that is needed to go to their favorite summer cottage. After all, there is fresh air, space, a garden, someone has a bathhouse, fishing, barbecue … Stop! Have you forgotten about your pet? Sending a Pet to the country is a responsible event, for which you need to prepare well.

First of all, you need to take care in advance of preventive measures to protect against dangers that await pets in the countryside. In the tall grass they are waiting for dangerous ixodid ticks, starving for the winter, who will be very happy for the appearance of a “walking lunch” (or breakfast and dinner Continue reading

The Furminator is an Essential Pet Care Tool

Furminator is a very useful pet care accessory. We will tell you about it in detail.
In summer, your pets are as hot as you.
In order for the animal to have no problems with thermoregulation, it is necessary to constantly remove the dead undercoat, that part of its hair that sheds and stays in your apartment and on your clothes.
The host is designed by professional groomers. This is a surprisingly simple and most effective tool that reduces molting by 90% and helps your pet tolerate hot weather more easily.
It saves your time, preserves the health of the skin and coat of the animal, does not damage the rest of the hair. Safe and effective for long – and short-haired cats and dogs – it does not cut hair, but gently pulls out the dead undercoat. Continue reading

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