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How to wean a cat to tear furniture and wallpaper

Scratching furniture is not a whim or a cat’s desire to annoy the owner. This is one of the physiological needs of cats, a genetically embedded need. This need leads not only domestic “Murziks”, but also wild representatives of the cat family. Only they scratch not sofas, but trees.
Why do cats have a passion for upholstered furniture?
Before you figure out how to wean a cat to tear furniture, you need to justify for yourself such a pet’s behavior. The animal is not indifferent to upholstered furniture and wallpaper, because:

It follows instincts. Claws are the main feline defense in the wild. To hunt and survive, they need to hone their claw skills. Now Barsik no longer obtains food for himself, but thousands of years of evolution are not easy to forget.
Sharpen claws. People saw nails with a nail file, dogs sharpen their nails while running on a hard surface, and a cat needs to be thrust as deep as possible into a cat and put an effort into it. Dead claw scales remain on the upholstery, and new ones form in their place.
Stretches. You must have noticed how the purr elegantly bends back and stretches. At this time, he likes to touch his legs, spoiling the upholstery.
Relieves stress. Sometimes a cat kills the sofa upholstery very carefully. She takes out aggression in this way when she is angry or upset.
Marks the territory. Feline pads have fragrant pads at the base. During scratching, the pet marks the subject with its individual smell.
how to wean a cat to tear furniture and wallpapers
When we decided that fluffy is vital to sharpen claws, we should consider how to wean a cat to tear furniture and wallpapers.

There are many ways how to wean a cat to tear wallpaper and furniture. The most popular of them – a claw-brush – a special item for scratching claws. They are horizontal and vertical, floor and wall, in the form of boards and posts. The soft surface unites them – it is sheathed with a dense fabric or wrapped with a thick rope.

The easiest way to teach a kitten to the clawfish. Put it in a conspicuous place, bring it to the crumbs and swipe your feet several times on its surface. Each time the purr will use the item for its intended purpose, praise it, let’s have a treat.

how to wean a cat to tear wallpaper and furniture
In order not to think about how to wean the cat to tear off the wallpaper, put a clawcloth in the passage: near the sleeping bed, in the play area, next to the sofa. In a large apartment you should buy several clawpaws.

Special sprayers that, when applied to the surface, emit odors unpleasant for cats. But they quickly erode – they must be applied every 2-3 hours.

Nail cutting
A universal way for all breeds, if you do not know how to wean a cat to tear furniture. Every 2 weeks it is necessary to cut 1/3 of the claws with special scissors (manicure will not work). This should be done at a certain angle and at a certain length.

These are special claw caps made of vinyl. With the help of glue, they are attached to the cat’s claws, allowing him to realize himself and at the same time not to spoil the interior.

how to wean a cat to tear furniture
How to wean a cat to tear furniture? A relaxed purr with glue needs to put on all the anti-scratches one by one. Every 10-14 days, the caps will fall off and need to be glued.

At first, the animal will try to get rid of the “manicure”, but will soon get used to it. On the market are anti-scratches of different sizes depending on the length of the pet’s claws (S, M, L). It is advisable to purchase several sizes at once.

Claw removal
Not knowing how to wean a cat to tear a sofa, some owners decide on inhumane measures. Onyctomy is a radical feline claw surgery. The animal ceases to scratch the furniture, but becomes disabled. The coordination of movements and posture are violated, the pet will no longer be able to gracefully jump and will break down.

Important points
When purchasing a claw-tip, drop a few drops of valerian or motherwort on it (they attract cats). The claw tip should:

match the growth of the pet;
be firmly fixed and withstand pressure from the animal;
be medium hardness and roughness.
how to wean a cat to tear furniture
When choosing a spray, make sure that it does not cause allergy in the purr. Clipping a claw is best at first entrusted to a veterinarian. If you cut the claw too hard, you can damage nearby vessels, cause an infection, or at least deliver pain to the pet.

Not knowing how to wean a cat from scratching furniture, do not forget to use traditional methods:

sharply and loudly say “no” or “impossible”;
sprinkle lightly into the pet with spray water (this will not hurt, but the animal will be unpleasant).
How to wean a cat from scratching furniture and wallpapers? Use smells. Feline do not like the smell of citrus fruits, onions and vinegar. Dilute citrus oil with water, and spray liquid on damaged areas.

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