Magnusson Feed - Keeping the Best
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What food is better to feed a dog and puppy, what food is good?
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Vaccinations for cats: to do or not
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How to make cats friends

Cats are complex and delicate natures, and it is not known how they will react to the appearance of a furry neighbor. Even the competent actions of the owner are not a guarantee that animals make friends. Skirmishes threaten pets with constant stress, negatively affect their mental and physical health.
Second cat: yes or no?
Two cats in the house – this is an increase in financial costs and time for cleaning twice.

Veterinarians recommend having a second cat if the owner is not enough for one furry dog. But there are other reasons:

a desire to acquire a companion’s favorite (if the animal gets enough sleep during the day due to lack of entertainment, and prevents the owners from sleeping at night);
the first cat is wayward and inhospitable, does not like to communicate with people;
the owners make an emotional decision, wanting to save a homeless kitten on the street.
Will two cats survive? Much depends on the sex of the animal. If a pet living in the house is neutered or sterilized, and this procedure is also destined for a new friend, the gender of the “newcomer” is not important. On the contrary, two non-castrated cats will enthusiastically fight and mark territory. If a cat is hooked to a castrated cat, they will succumb to the instinct of reproduction (if the male had sexual contact with the cat before castration, he will molest the female). In order not to think for a long time how to make friends cats, get two girls. They will not fight for territory, and the smell of their marks is much weaker.

how to make friends cat and cat
There are two unwritten rules:

young kittens get along better with each other (ideally you need to take littermates);
the longer a pet lives alone, the more difficult it is for him to get used to a neighbor.
Two cats in the house: causes of conflict
The cat, accustomed to a certain rhythm of life, will joylessly react to the appearance of a new resident. It is as if you came to your apartment and saw a plump man lying on your couch. Bottom line – cats are fighting, and the owners are worried.

If two cats in a house fight, there may be several reasons:

territorial aggression;
temperament incompatibility (an adult calm cat is annoyed by the violent temper of a young cat).
Dogs accustomed to hunting in a pack are endowed with the primary instinct of life in a group. Cats are lonely hunters (with the exception of African lions). The host will quickly notice the animal’s protests against the newcomer: the pet will urinate in the wrong places, mark shoes, show aggression, tear wallpaper and curtains. Obedient cat can change beyond recognition.

The secret to success is thorough preparation
Having no idea how to make friends cats between themselves, start preparations for the arrival of a four-legged resident in advance. It is recommended to vaccinate an old pet so that it does not get infectious diseases from a neighbor.

will two cats get along
To prevent hostility between cats, remember:
1. It is wise to equip areas for feeding and sleeping in different places. Cats should not cross paths from rest areas to food bowls.
2. How many cats – so many trays. Using one tray with two cats is unacceptable. The “old-timer” can guard the newcomer near the toilet and have a psychological effect on him. How to make friends adult cats? Put them two trays in different places, and even better – three (for the first time).
3. Scratching post is another way of marking a territory. There should also be two of them. Even if the animals seem to get along well, they should not share one claw point. Give your pets a choice, or set claws to their places of rest.
4. Beds, shelves and feline complexes are favorite places for cats. They provide four-footed safe viewing platforms for monitoring their territory. Sitting at a height is a way for a dominant cat to show its status. If she cannot demonstrate her dominance in this way, she will prove it in a fight. An insecure cat in a vertical territory will be able to immediately see the approach of the leader and find shelter in time. The cat complex will increase the number of real estate owned by animals, and will allow you to choose the height corresponding to the needs of the pets.
Two cats in the apartment: first meeting
Getting to know two cats is also a carefully planned process. It is advisable to bring a new cat in the container. You do not need to immediately open it – a stranger must understand that he was in unfamiliar territory, and the pet should get acquainted with new smells. Then release the guest from carrying to a separate room. It is desirable that the animals saw and felt each other, but could not physically contact. If this is not possible, place the animals in different rooms.

If both cats are 100% healthy, you can take a damp cloth and rub it first near the cheeks and ears of the old-timer, and then the novice. So you transfer the smell of one pet to another. When the purrs calm down, it is time for a personal meeting. The owner, like a policeman, must control the level of aggression during the first contact.

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