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The voice command for the dog: how to teach?
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The voice command for the dog: how to teach?

An ill-bred dog is a serious threat to your nerves. An intelligent, loyal and obedient dog is the pride of the owner, his protection and friend. The key to creating the perfect pet is training. One of the first lessons is training the Voice team.
Although the ability to cast a voice can be used to attract the attention of the owner to an object, the team is not included in the list of key ones. Some dog handlers claim that the Voice command is harmful to the dog. The dog may decide that the person encourages barking, and begin to bark with special ardor. You need to learn a team at least for overall development.
The Voice command. Start date
Thanks to training, the dog will be able to take part in the hunt, bark to notify the approach of a stranger. Any dog ​​training has a similar principle: in order to teach your pet to perform the desired action, you must first initiate the desired behavior, and then associate it with the team. Training begins when the dog barks. Intelligent students quickly realize that barking on the order is profitable, and willingly demonstrate the capabilities of their vocal cords.

How to teach a German shepherd voice command? Stick to the established rules, and soon you will succeed:

start training when the dog has already learned the basic commands (“Fu”, “Next”);
do it 2-3 times a week for 30-40 minutes;
Do not tire your pet, alternate new material with familiar tricks;
use his favorite treat to encourage the ward;
work on the Quiet team at the same time as your vote.
Your voice during lessons should be loud and strict, but not irritable. Cynologists recommend starting training at the age of 2-4 months. Each dog is naturally capable of casting a voice, but some “silent” stubbornly refuse to bark. If the animal fails, stop training.

The Voice command for a dog. Training
For owners who do not know how to teach a dog a voice command, experts recommend observing the training schedule regardless of weather conditions. It is better to conduct classes on a fenced off-road site.

team voice for a dog how to teach
Experts advise:

do not take strangers to classes;
seek help from a dog handler if the pet is not learning;
Do not hit the animal and do not show aggression.
If the dog began to cast his voice the first time, do not relax – for the next training, the ward will successfully forget the material he has learned. Work with the student for a long time.

What methods of training exist?
How to teach a puppy a team voice? There are several training methods.

1. Interest
The engine of the training process are objects that cause a keen interest in the pet. A piece of meat, a favorite toy, an item for porting will do for this role. Most often they use a treat. Taking the pet on a short leash, let him smell the treat. Make sure that the gaze of the animal is riveted to the delicacy, and then raise it up beyond the reach of the puppy. Such a provocation will make him jump on you and wriggle. These actions should be nipped. Protesting, the dog will start to voice. At such moments, you need to loudly and clearly pronounce the command “Voice!”. In parallel, the dog is praised and handed over to him the object of desire.

2. Annoyance and resentment
Not sure how to teach the German Shepherd to the Voice team? The surest way is to tie the puppy to a tree and begin to move away. Having decided that the owner is leaving, the dog will certainly begin to bark. Speak “Voice!” And return to your pet for the award.

Another way to provoke barking is to imitate a walk. Dress in front of the pet’s eyes and take a leash, and then pretend that you are going for a walk without it. At the last moment, when the pet barks, give the command “Voice!”. Reward the animal with a treat and go for a walk.

3. Imitation
Another effective method to achieve the desired result in a short time. How to teach a dog the Voice command at home? Call a friend with a dog that is already trained in a voice command. While someone else’s dog will fulfill the order and receive encouragement, an inexperienced pet, imitating him, also barks for the sake of refreshments.

how to train a puppy to voice
Arousing irritation also allows you to teach your dog how to bark. Training requires a companion playing the role of the causative agent of aggression. Tie the dog to a booth or to a tree, hand her a stick, bone or other object (the dog will guard him). The assistant must go to the ward and tease him with his hands (do not beat). The dog will bark, and the owner will say the right word and cheer up a treat. Often this method is taught to cast the voice of watchdogs.

Some owners use the eavesdropping method to train their pet. They wait until the four-legged friend begins to cast a voice, and at the right moment pronounce the team. The process will need to be repeated many times before the student discovers the relationship between the barking and the order.

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