Why does a dog's eyes fester and how to treat them
Eyes reflect the health status of pets. Often the eyes fester in dogs, there are many reasons for this: from ordinary conjunctivitis or hypovitaminosis, to allergies and serious infections. With…

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Why does a dog’s eyes fester and how to treat them

Eyes reflect the health status of pets. Often the eyes fester in dogs, there are many reasons for this: from ordinary conjunctivitis or hypovitaminosis, to allergies and serious infections. With each disease, in addition to pus in the eyes, characteristic symptoms appear.
Self-diagnosis and treatment of a pet at home is fraught not only with a decrease in vision. The lack of timely qualified assistance in some cases leads to the death of a pet. That is why dog ​​owners need to know preventive measures and eye treatment rules. Identifying the causes of suppuration and proper treatment is the concern of an experienced veterinarian.

Why the dog’s eyes are festering: the main reasons
Inflammation and the appearance of purulent exudate in the eyes of a dog can be triggered by both external irritation and internal systemic disturbances. Identification of the true cause of suppuration of the eyes in the dog determines the further tactics of treatment.

Causes of suppuration of the eyes:
allergy – most often manifests itself when changing the feed, during the flowering period of some plants, due to inappropriate shampoo;
infectious conjunctivitis – occurs when bacteria enter, chronic inflammation in puppies can indicate abnormal development of the lacrimal canal, conjunctivitis in elderly dogs often indicates a decrease in immunity;
skin diseases – skin fungus, fleas or ticks cause the dog to comb the eye area;
helminthic invasion – pus in the eyes often indicates an extensive colony of worms in the intestines of a pet;
intestinal diseases – dysbiosis is often combined with the rapid growth of fungal flora;
hypovitaminosis A – in most cases is associated with an insufficient amount of retinol in the dog’s diet;
injuries – a branch of a grain of sand or a grain of sand in the eye, a blow to the head can provoke an inflammatory reaction and suppuration;
eversion of the eyelid – mechanical irritation provokes constant inflammation, often occurs sharpei and other breeds;
otitis media – inflammation of the eyes develops due to the complicated course of otitis media;
exposure to external toxins – smoke, fumes of chemicals and household cleaning products cause severe eye irritation, similar to allergies;
viral infections – canine flu, distemper, infectious hepatitis, adenovirus, parvovirus enteritis;
hidden infections – dogs infected with mycoplasma and chlamydia are able to infect a person;
diabetes mellitus, liver failure – are often diagnosed in elderly dogs and externally manifest pus in the eyes.
Important! Minor discharge, transparent or dried with a grayish crust, is the norm for dogs and is caused by periodic accumulation of tear fluid. The owner of the dog should only observe the hygiene of his pet. Treatment is required if the dog has yellow or greenish discharge, even if the animal is in a normal general condition.

Diseases: symptoms associated with suppuration of the eyes
Symptoms associated with suppuration of the eyes help to suspect a disease in a pet. Characteristic features will help the veterinarian determine why the dog’s eyes are festering and find an effective treatment.

Scratched eyes often provoke unilateral suppuration. On examination, you can see hemorrhage in the eyeball. Any injury is characterized by a sharp appearance of symptoms: swelling and swelling of one or both eyes, lacrimation, redness of the eyelids. However, after a strong blow to the head and damage to the nasolacrimal passages, there are no obvious signs of eye inflammation. The dog experiences pain in the nose, and pus appears in the corners of the eyes after a few days.

Usually begins with profuse lacrimation from both eyes. Only with time, transparent lacrimal secretions turn yellow due to the attachment of a bacterial infection. At the same time, a clear fluid flows from the nose, the dog often snorts, scratches the nose and eyes. Allergies are also characterized by increased hair loss, an unpleasant odor from the mouth, photophobia and frequent stools. The pet constantly itches due to skin itching, licks its front paws and anus.

Important! Unlike allergies, the dog’s skin fungus appears as bald spots in the coat, covered with small white scales. Severe itching provokes the nervousness of the pet.

Hypovitaminosis A
Lack of Vit. And it manifests itself already in puppyhood. Kids grow poorly, dermatitis often occurs, and vision is reduced. The first signs of hypovitaminosis: worsening night vision, tearing and conjunctivitis, the appearance of cloudy spots on the cornea. As a result of chronic retinol deficiency in dogs, vision is reduced and reproductive function is impaired.

Intestinal parasites are often the cause of pus in the eyes of a dog, while the inflammatory reaction is mild. Thick pus dries quickly, forming gray crusts and causing the eyes to stick together.

Pathology of the lacrimal canal, eversion of the eyelids
Congenital anatomical disorders first appear in animals as early as childhood. In the absence of allergies and against the background of a normal state (good appetite, activity)

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