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Cat feeding: veterinarian advice and menu design

Essential Nutrition Guidelines
1. In order for the natural diet to bring maximum benefits, the following simple recommendations must be observed:

2. Feed, depending on needs, should be 1-2 times at the same time.

3. After 30 minutes, food residues must be removed.

4. The cat should always have clean drinking water.

5. Cow’s milk is not recommended for feeding cats. The lactose contained in it is poorly absorbed by adult animals.

6. Fish and meat products must first be boiled or frozen, this will prevent infection with helminths and other parasites.

7. The diet must include vegetables in raw or passaged form. Fiber contained in them promotes digestion.

One more common mistake should also be mentioned. Most owners approach feeding a cat as if it were their own diet. In the future, this leads to the development of many chronic diseases. In addition, cats really do not like changes in their usual diet, so it will be very difficult to transfer them to proper nutrition.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural feeding
Cats have their own taste preferences and physiological characteristics. Industrial diets are designed for averaged indicators, so cats very often refuse them. The way out of this situation is natural feeding. It allows you to fully satisfy the needs of the animal in vitamins and minerals, taking into account taste preferences.

The main advantage of natural cat nutrition is the ability to select ingredients that are fully consistent with the needs of the cat. In addition, in such a menu there are no artificial or chemical components. The only minus of the natural diet is the complexity of cooking.

Sample diets for feeding adult cats
When choosing a natural diet, the first thing you should pay attention to is the physical condition of the animal. For example, when feeding an aging or pregnant cat there are a number of features. In the first case, the need for minerals and vitamins sharply increases, in the second, an aging body does not manage well with digestion, so food should be easily digestible. The following are sample diets for healthy, adult animals.

Diet number 1
raw beef – 20 g;

raw liver – 10g;

boiled oatmeal – 4 g;

yeast – 0.1 g;

unrefined vegetable oil – 0.2 g.

Attention! The amount of ingredients in the diets is based on 1 kg of live weight.

Diet number 2
raw beef heart – 20 g;

raw light – 10 g;

boiled rice – 4 g;

dry yeast – 0.3 g;

cottage cheese – 3 g.

Diet number 3
raw fish – 30 g;

raw liver – 5 g;

boiled oatmeal – 4 g;

dry yeast – 0.3 g;

vegetable oil – 2 g.

To feed an adult healthy cat, you can use any of the diets above. Switch to a new feed should be gradual.

Features of feeding a pregnant cat
A pregnant cat needs an increased amount of calories and nutrients. In the first 2 weeks, her physiological needs remain at the same level. Starting from the third, the need for proteins, vitamins and minerals increases sharply, so the amount of feed is increased by 1.5-2 times. In this case, the diet must be drawn up so that the animal does not overeat. Toward the end of pregnancy, the daily diet begins to be split into 5-6 parts.

A nursing cat eats 3, or even 4 times more than usual. With errors in nutrition or with problems with the digestive system, the animal begins to use the reserves of its own body. This condition very quickly leads to severe exhaustion. To prevent this, more easily digestible feeds are introduced into the diet: fatty cottage cheese, chicken meat, fatty fish. After consultation with the veterinarian, the cat is picked up vitamin complexes. After weaning kittens, depleted animals quickly return to normal.

Natural diet for kittens
Up to 3 weeks, kittens have enough breast milk. Then they begin to feed. To do this, use a mixture of whole cow’s milk, oatmeal and chicken eggs. A homogeneous mass is prepared from these ingredients. From the age of 1.5 months, minced meat or minced fish is added to it. To eliminate vitamin and mineral deficiency, grated vegetables are introduced into the diet. For example, cats willingly eat zucchini, pumpkin, and spinach greens.

Sometimes, due to death or illness, cats have to be fed artificially. In terms of nutritional value, the milk mixture should completely replace mother’s milk. For its preparation, 4 parts of whole cow’s milk and 1 part of whipped protein from a chicken egg are taken.

Natural diet for an aging cat
With age, digestion and absorption of food deteriorates significantly. In most cases, the poor condition of the teeth also joins this problem. Calories are reduced during this period of life, but now more protein is needed.

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