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How to determine the age of the kitten at home?

The appearance of a kitten in the house is a pleasant and joyful event. But not always this furry animal is taken from the breeders. There are situations when an animal is found on the street and give it a warm home. And the first question that arises among new owners is how to determine the age of the kitten. Of course, you can seek help from a veterinarian who knows exactly how to do this. And there are a number of physiological criteria that will help to find out the age of the pet yourself.

What signs will help to find out age?
Experienced breeders and qualified veterinarians identify the following symptoms that are paid attention to when determining the age of kittens:

1. Body features and size of the animal.

2. Ears and eye color.

3. The weight of the pet.

4. The number and type of teeth (milk, permanent).

5. The habits of kittens.

So that thanks to these features, you can precisely determine how many months a new pet is worth it, it is worth considering in more detail each characteristic.

We pay attention to physique and dimensions!
Of course, animals of different breeds vary significantly among themselves. However, Maine Coon kittens, which are even large at birth and very tiny snow shu at birth, have a large, large head and small body for the first three weeks of their lives.

Based on the physiological characteristics of all feline representatives, we can draw the following conclusions about their age:

Before the kitten turns 15 days old, it is placed in the palm of an adult.

After a month, the body of the animal begins to become more proportional.

Starting from the age of two months, the pet is stretched, and its body begins to take on the shape of an adult. At the same time, the legs also change, which also noticeably lengthen and grow stronger.

The muscles in kittens begin to form actively at the age of 3.5-5 months.

When a pet is already six months old, its size should correspond to ¾ an adult animal.

The development process of all cats is ending at nine months. It is at this age that the pet begins to relate to an adult.

Important! The maturity of kittens is directly dependent on the breed. The larger it is, the longer this process will last. The sex of fluffy animals also affects a similar characteristic: the development of cats lasts 2 weeks longer.

How is age determined by ears and eye color?
Regardless of the breed, all kittens are blind at birth. Focusing on the color of the eyes and ears, you can also establish how many months and even weeks your pet:

The norm for opening the eyes in an animal is 2 weeks. However, there are cases when in kittens such a physiological phenomenon occurs on the 10th day of life.

Regarding the color of the eyes, by no means all owners of furry dogs know that at birth they all have blue cloudy eyes. In the period from 2 to 3 months, the iris begins to acquire a constant color. Following from this, if the kitten’s eyes are already open and their color is pale blue or gray-blue, then he is not yet 2 months old.

Regarding the ears, they also change as cats grow:

In most cases, at birth, all kittens have ears that fit snugly to the head. This is due to the fact that the ear canals are closed from the moment of birth and up to 5-8 days.

Unlike the peephole, the auditory locators of animals straighten out for a longer period. Their full disclosure occurs for 2-3 weeks. This applies even to Scottish fold pets.

When the cat turns 3-4 months old, its ears become elongated.

Focusing on such physiological features, it will be quite simple to find out how many months your beloved pet is.

All attention to weight!
Already in the first week of life, the kitten is actively developing and begins to gain mass. It is this indicator that will allow you to more accurately determine what age the animal is. However, it is worthwhile to understand that pets taken from the street due to malnutrition will have less weight than the accepted norm. Therefore, it is better to wait a few days with weighing, and establish a feeding regimen.

If the kitten eats correctly, then every day 10-30 g will be added to its weight, depending on the breed

Focusing on the weight of the four-friend, you can almost accurately determine his real age:

Animals aged no more than a week weigh 80-125 g.

Starting from the 15th day of life, the mass of animals can reach 120-170 g. And by three weeks they can recover to 260 g.

If the kitten is already a month old, then its weight can vary between 350-550 g.

The body weight of pets of 5-7 weeks is already 480-760 g.

If the kitten is already older than two months, then the weight will be more than 800 g, but not more than 1300.

For three-month-old animals, the norm is weight in 1700-2300 g. It is starting from this age that half a kilogram will become the standard monthly increase.

Important! Weighing must be carried out during and at the same time, before eating. Before the kitten reaches two months, it is recommended that such a procedure be carried out daily, and then every week.

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