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Caution! Ticks!

Every year, earlier and earlier, the long-awaited and beloved spring comes. And with it, ixodid ticks, which are dangerous for our pets, are carriers of the deadly disease – pyroplasmosis
“Imagine, they didn’t manage to save Shusha from the neighboring jack Russell yesterday in the veterinary clinic! It was untreated – they did not think that the ticks would go so early … ”I heard, walking with the dog on the court.

“… And now I process it all year round. Last year, my tick Sylvia bitten already in early March, but we did not notice. They understood that something was wrong only when she did not get up for a walk in the morning. We ran to the veterinarian – the doctor first took an analysis for piroplasmosis and sent the dog to a dropper. She already completely snickered at that moment, she didn’t even raise her head when we called her. The diagnosis was confirmed – it was a tick bite. And, if we noticed her ailment a day later or in the evening of that day, there would be no hope of salvation.

How much I cried in the days that she was lying under the droppers, scolded herself for negligence. But, thank God, everything is behind, she is back with me, joyfully meets me from work and runs after the ball on walks! How grateful I am to the veterinarian who saved her! ”A friend shared the other day when the conversation turned to such an early warming this year.

Indeed, every year, earlier and earlier, the long-awaited and beloved spring comes. And with it, ixodid ticks, which are dangerous for our pets, are carriers of the deadly disease – pyroplasmosis.

Most often, parasites stick to the dog and remain on the skin for a long time, while they drink blood and increase in size. On shorthair dogs, such clinging “roommates” are easy to find when stroking or to see almost immediately, but pets with long hair should be examined daily for ticks. In case of detection, it is not necessary to immediately run to the veterinarian – the incubation period of the disease can last from 3 days to 2 weeks, and at this time pyroplasmas may not be detected in blood tests. It is important to monitor the well-being and health status of the pet, and if at least one of the first signs of a dangerous malaise appears, consult a doctor urgently:

dark urine (it can be from reddish to dark brown);
decreased activity, lethargy;
pallor or yellowness of the mucous membranes – gums, tongue, mucous membrane of the eyes;
loss of appetite or complete refusal of food;
weakness of the hind limbs.
If you seek qualified help in time, you can do without droppers and long-term recovery of the body. After the first visit to the veterinary clinic, the pet will feel much better.

But it’s best to deliberately take care that the bite does not happen, and to treat your beloved Friend from seasonal parasites – fleas and ticks – when the grass first appears on lawns and freezing temperatures outside. The following agents are widely used for prevention:

Drops from fleas and ticks (Stronghold / Stronghold, Practitioner / Prac-Tic, Frontline / Frontline, Bars, Inspector / Inspector, Advantiks, etc.). They are applied to the withers of the dog once every 1-3 months, depending on the manufacturer. The protective effect of the drops is the accumulation of active substances in the skin of the animal and as a result, the parasite, getting on the skin, does not stick, becomes lethargic and dies;
Spray against fleas and ticks (Frontline / Frontline, Bolfo / Bolfo, Beafar / Beaphar, Bars). These funds are applied to the entire surface of the dog’s coat and are absorbed into the skin for 1-2 days. For better protection with sprays, it is also possible to treat animal resting areas, as well as carpets in the house. The concentration of the active substance in sprays is less than in drops, therefore it is not recommended to choose this method as the only prophylactic against fleas and ticks;
Collar against fleas and ticks (Kiltiks / Kiltix, Bolfo / Bolfo, Beafar / Beaphar, Bars). It is used as an additional means of protection against fleas and ticks and has a repelling effect for parasites.
It is optimal to use several of the above types of protection in combination

In addition to the mentioned common remedies, there are also ultrasonic tick repellents on the market, and you can also be vaccinated against pyroplasmosis in a veterinary clinic, but the effectiveness of these innovations is not so great that most owners trust them with the health of their favorite animals.

Protect the health of your pets and remember that prevention will be much cheaper than treating and recovering from an illness. We wish you and your loved ones to never know what pyroplasmosis is!

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