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What food is better to feed a dog and puppy, what food is good?

What food is better to feed a dog and puppy, what food is good?
Each owner, respecting and loving his dog, asks the most important question: what kind of food is better to feed the dog?

Indeed, it is difficult to navigate when there are so many manufacturers, types and tastes of food for animals around. But the future life of the pet depends very much on the right diet, starting with the main puppy’s age, in which the bones, joints and the most important systems of the body are laid down and ending with the aging stage, when these systems need to be supported and at the same time not provoke the growth of unwanted microorganisms.

To get started, let’s figure out what NOT to do to determine which dog food is best.

1. You should not focus on widespread advertising.
Companies producing ready-made rations for dogs should invest the maximum amount of money in improving their plants, improving the quality of raw materials and expanding the assortment range. This, of course, does not mean that absolutely nothing should be invested in advertising, but draw an analogy with goods for people. As a rule, unknown or new products that we learn about on word of mouth turn out to be tastier and more useful than those that are advertised on TV. Think about whether the manufacturer wants to hide the negative nuances in the content of the goods behind the bright and colorful “packaging”.

2. DO NOT completely trust the feed ratings on the Internet.
Firstly, you will never know what kind of research has been done (and whether it was done at all) to analyze the situation in the food market for dogs. Secondly, you cannot be 100% sure of their reliability. Such ratings are compiled by each foreign feed producer. And in each country, the result is different. Six stars can be assigned to one and the same diet in one country, and only one in another. Therefore, the independence and correctness of such studies is worth considering.

3. DO NOT chase the cheapness.
Believe me, good food cannot be inexpensive, at least for those items that were listed earlier: the latest production technologies, the best raw materials … Moreover, choosing cheap feeds, you will spend a lot more later when you are forced to take your pet to the vet, buy additional vitamins and top dressing or even transfer to even more expensive diet food, finally undermining the health of the pet.

4. DO NOT give the dog domestic feed.
Before buying, make sure that production, packaging and packaging have been organized abroad. European quality is many times higher than Russian and there are many examples in our ordinary life.

what food is good

So, how do you know which good food is best for puppies, adults or older pets?

First, look at the composition. Naturally, in the diet in no case should there be dyes and preservatives, this is not even discussed. Pay attention to the arrangement of the ingredients. In the first place in the list should be meat components. In this case, there will be most of them in the composition. Then choose according to other components. If, for example, a pet is allergic to rice, it should not be in the feed. Also consider that the growing body needs a large amount of protein (it is indicated on the package), but for older individuals, its percentage should be reduced in order to avoid health problems. The same thing with energy value – for each age it should be different.

Then carefully examine where the diet is produced. It must be one of the European countries, Canada or the USA. Packaging should also be made in this state. Only in this way can the manufacturer guarantee the high quality of the finished product and ensure its proper storage during transportation to the consumer.

Next, pay attention to the brand. Examples of trusted growers trusted by dog ​​owners around the world are Natural Greatness, Farmina and Grandorf. In the line of diets of these companies, there will probably be something to your pet’s taste.
Well, of course, you can always seek advice from the consultants of our ZooPassage store. We will be happy to tell you what good dog food is currently on the pet market.

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