Dog or Cat

Many parents do not allow the child to have a pet, arguing that they can get a number of diseases. But with proper care and regular hygiene measures, living together…

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Since ancient times, it was customary to have a pet who participated in household chores. Cats fought with rodents, and dogs guarded the house or went hunting with the owner.…

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Vaccinations for cats: to do or not
Like humans, cats are prone to dangerous diseases. Colds, infections, specific cat diseases, dangerous viruses and bacteria - all this threatens pets. Vaccination is an effective preventive measure that allows…

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Diseases of the respiratory system in cats

Pets, in particular cats, as well as people can get sick with various diseases. Respiratory system disease can lead to respiratory failure, so it is important to know the symptoms and treatment. You also need to know how to provide first aid in order to save the life of your animal.
Consider a list of diseases of the respiratory system:
Rhinitis – inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which can occur in the primary form (infection with parasites, mechanical damage), in the secondary form (infection), be acute, chronic, catarrhal and follicular.
The primary form of rhinitis can occur due to the cooling of the animal’s body, when inhaling dust, smoke. In this case, the mucous membrane of the cat becomes dirty and swells, after which breathing becomes difficult. Chronic rhinitis has a tendency to reoccur. Inflammation can go to the larynx, pharynx. Continue reading


For any farmer, the health of his livestock is important. He must not only properly care for, feed and support his animals, but also in time to recognize a particular disease. In case of illness, he needs to start treatment on his own or consult a specialist. Also, knowing the symptoms of possible sores, carry out preventive measures in cows.

Consider the most common diseases in cattle:

Endometritis is an inflammatory process on the uterine mucosa. Most often, acute postpartum endometritis occurs, in which the uterine mucosa is injured and infected. This happens as a result of a difficult birth, after an abortion, with a delay in the afterbirth. Continue reading


Since ancient times, it was customary to have a pet who participated in household chores. Cats fought with rodents, and dogs guarded the house or went hunting with the owner. Today, the pet is the favorite of all family members, which helps to cope with loneliness, cheers up, and also develops a sense of responsibility from childhood. Before you make a four-legged friend, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for caring for them. Indeed, the health and emotional state of the animal depends on the seriousness of the host’s approach to studying this issue.

Important points when purchasing a pet
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Natural food, pros, cons and useful tips

Natural food for your pet, pros, cons and useful tips

Perhaps the first question that arises before the newly made owner of a puppy or a bred dog is: what is the best way to feed a dog? In search of an answer, you can flip through more than one book, spend more than one day on various forums and studying articles on the Internet, and even witness a fierce dispute between dog lovers on the site, and become completely confused. Actually, there are two global options: either choose industrial dry food, and then a competent veterinarian consultant in the store or a doctor in the clinic will help you, or feed the dog with natural food, carefully balancing its diet. If you are a supporter of the second option, then this article is for you.

It would seem that difficult in natural feeding? Give the pet what the family eats. But this is the biggest mistake in the discussions of dog owners! The digestive system of our, albeit distant, descendants of Continue reading

Cat litter. How to choose?

A few days ago a friend approached me, who had just brought a kitten: “But a cat has been living with you for a long time, tell me what is better to put in a tray?” When I was buying, I didn’t ask the breeder, and now he’s not going into any of them, but I can’t get through to her … ”And I involuntarily wondered – really, how to choose a filler for the cat’s toilet when I’ve experienced communication with mustachioed zero, but the problem has already arisen? And after all, not all kittens come from the breeder, and in the case of my girlfriend, even the fact of pedigree does not save.

With my cat, we somehow immediately found a common language on this subject – I poured a tree variety to her, showed that “here and by, no way”, and the problem was solved. Well, I poured, then, from our bag into a bag, but either my cat is so special, or my girlfriend explains something wrong, but her Continue reading

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