How to give medicine to a dog or cat
A text on how to give medicine to a dog or cat Have you ever had to give your pet medicine? For many owners of cats and dogs, the appointment…

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Why does a dog's eyes fester and how to treat them
Eyes reflect the health status of pets. Often the eyes fester in dogs, there are many reasons for this: from ordinary conjunctivitis or hypovitaminosis, to allergies and serious infections. With…

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Botulism and Carnivore Plague
Botulism is an acute feed toxicosis of animals and humans, manifested in the form of paralysis of the pharynx, tongue, lower jaw, a sharp weakening of the skeletal muscle tone…

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If you have a pet, you should definitely think about a first-aid kit. After all, animals, like humans, are susceptible to various diseases, digestive tract disorders, and are also subject to bruises and serious injuries. In no case do we advise you to self-medicate, for this there is a special doctor, but to know how to provide first emergency aid will not hinder each owner. And for this there must be all the necessary medicines.
To successfully assist your four-legged friend, you should have a first-aid kit. It is recommended to replenish its contents with the necessary medicines and monitor the expiration date at least once a year. It is also worth remembering what effect this or that drug has. If in doubt, remember, you need to attach Continue reading

Worms in domestic animals and their treatment

Pets are susceptible to various diseases that can cause parasites and other environmental factors. For many owners, the problem of the appearance of worms in a pet is familiar. It doesn’t matter if he goes out or is home. These parasites can be located in any organ of the animal and adversely affect its general condition and organs separately. Let’s try to figure out how to recognize worms in a pet and help get rid of them, and even better, how to prevent infection.
Worms can be affected by any pet, so you should know the symptoms of parasites in order to start treatment on time. Consider some pets individually:

Worms in cats: symptoms, treatment and preventive measures
The appearance of worms in the body of cats can not be noticed immediately, since the symptomatology depends on the number and types of parasites. But more attentive owners will be able to determine this ailment by a number of characteristic signs:
decreased appetite, which is pursued by poor weight gain, and in kittens lag in development, weight and Continue reading

How to teach a parrot to speak

The most sociable birds are considered to be Jaco. These small gray birds accurately copy the human voice, and by their tone you can immediately determine who the object of imitation is a man or a woman. Amazons and Corellas speak perfectly, but their speech is different from human. Good interlocutors are obtained from cockatoos and macaws. Budgerigars stand at the same level with them, which, despite their small size, with proper training, willingly talk with the owners.

How to teach a budgerigar to speak?
Capable individuals learn to pronounce their name without training. But for the best effect, follow a technique that tells how to teach a parrot to speak quickly and clearly. Continue reading

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How long does the cat go from anesthesia after sterilization
Sterilization is a rather complicated operation for a cat. Having decided on surgical intervention, the owner of the furry pet should be aware of the options for sterilization, the recovery…


Urolithiasis in cats and cats
Urolithiasis in cats is the main cause of death of four-legged pets aged 1-6 years. At the same time, cats are 3 times less likely to become veterinarian patients than…


Dog brushing - features of the procedure
The need to monitor oral hygiene arises not only in humans, but also in their pet, we are talking about dogs. Pet owners need to regularly treat their pet’s teeth…


How to wean a cat to tear furniture and wallpaper
Scratching furniture is not a whim or a cat’s desire to annoy the owner. This is one of the physiological needs of cats, a genetically embedded need. This need leads…