Cat food: which is better? How to feed a cat
Having gone to the supermarket for groceries, Russians have long studied their composition and expiration dates. But once in a pet store, people are absolutely superficial about the question of…

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What is the cat's need for water?
How much water is needed for your cat and what determines the amount of fluid used, we will try to understand this article. There are hot summer days and now…

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Cat litter. How to choose?
A few days ago a friend approached me, who had just brought a kitten: “But a cat has been living with you for a long time, tell me what is…

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What is the cat’s need for water?

How much water is needed for your cat and what determines the amount of fluid used, we will try to understand this article.

There are hot summer days and now more than ever it is important to have fresh drinking water. Cats have a unique ability to retain fluid in the body by concentrating urine. This skill is rooted in antiquity when our little four-legged friends were wild and lived in the desert steppe zones. Modern cats have inherited this skill from their ancestors, but how much water your cat really needs and what the amount of fluid used depends on, we will try to figure this article out.

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Aquarium: care and maintenance for beginners

Keeping fish in a clean and well maintained tank is the responsibility of everyone who wants to have floating pets. Improper care of the aquarium will lead to poor health of the fish, a disturbance in biological balance and, ultimately, the death of pets.
Caring for fish in the aquarium is divided into daily and weekly.
Daily care
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The dog is eating grass. What does it mean?

Dogs do a lot of bizarre things, and one of these oddities is eating grass outside. Veterinarians say that about 80% of furry pets love to eat greens. It is curious that scientists still have not figured out the cause of this phenomenon.
Veterinarians do not know why dogs eat grass, but they can accurately name factors that are not the cause of a sudden passion for greenery. Experts say that:

The dog does not eat grass due to lack of vitamins. The digestive tract of dogs simply does not contain enzymes that can digest greens.
Four-legged eat greenery, regardless of diet and type of food. This is evidenced by recent studies.
The pet is not trying to get rid of the worms. Passion for greenery is experienced by absolutely healthy Continue reading

The voice command for the dog: how to teach?
An ill-bred dog is a serious threat to your nerves. An intelligent, loyal and obedient dog is the pride of the owner, his protection and friend. The key to creating…


How to teach a parrot to speak
The most sociable birds are considered to be Jaco. These small gray birds accurately copy the human voice, and by their tone you can immediately determine who the object of…


Vaccinations for cats: to do or not
Like humans, cats are prone to dangerous diseases. Colds, infections, specific cat diseases, dangerous viruses and bacteria - all this threatens pets. Vaccination is an effective preventive measure that allows…


Small dog
Small dog breeds are a very popular type of pet. They do not require much space and can be taken with you anywhere. These cute, cuddly, miniature dogs bring tons…