How to determine the age of the kitten at home?
The appearance of a kitten in the house is a pleasant and joyful event. But not always this furry animal is taken from the breeders. There are situations when an…

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A trip to the country
A trip to the country is always a holiday, especially when a four-legged friend is nearby! Hot days have come, and now the whole family is randomly running around the…

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Someone gets a cat, a dog or a parrot, someone likes to mess with rodents. They, like other pets, need careful care and special attention. Despite the fact that rats…

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What is the cat’s need for water?

How much water is needed for your cat and what determines the amount of fluid used, we will try to understand this article.

There are hot summer days and now more than ever it is important to have fresh drinking water. Cats have a unique ability to retain fluid in the body by concentrating urine. This skill is rooted in antiquity when our little four-legged friends were wild and lived in the desert steppe zones. Modern cats have inherited this skill from their ancestors, but how much water your cat really needs and what the amount of fluid used depends on, we will try to figure this article out.

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Aquarium: care and maintenance for beginners

Keeping fish in a clean and well maintained tank is the responsibility of everyone who wants to have floating pets. Improper care of the aquarium will lead to poor health of the fish, a disturbance in biological balance and, ultimately, the death of pets.
Caring for fish in the aquarium is divided into daily and weekly.
Daily care
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The dog is eating grass. What does it mean?

Dogs do a lot of bizarre things, and one of these oddities is eating grass outside. Veterinarians say that about 80% of furry pets love to eat greens. It is curious that scientists still have not figured out the cause of this phenomenon.
Veterinarians do not know why dogs eat grass, but they can accurately name factors that are not the cause of a sudden passion for greenery. Experts say that:

The dog does not eat grass due to lack of vitamins. The digestive tract of dogs simply does not contain enzymes that can digest greens.
Four-legged eat greenery, regardless of diet and type of food. This is evidenced by recent studies.
The pet is not trying to get rid of the worms. Passion for greenery is experienced by absolutely healthy Continue reading

Urolithiasis in cats and cats
Urolithiasis in cats is the main cause of death of four-legged pets aged 1-6 years. At the same time, cats are 3 times less likely to become veterinarian patients than…


How long does the cat go from anesthesia after sterilization
Sterilization is a rather complicated operation for a cat. Having decided on surgical intervention, the owner of the furry pet should be aware of the options for sterilization, the recovery…


Botulism and Carnivore Plague
Botulism is an acute feed toxicosis of animals and humans, manifested in the form of paralysis of the pharynx, tongue, lower jaw, a sharp weakening of the skeletal muscle tone…


Calcivirosis in cats and cats: symptoms and treatment
Calcivirosis is a common viral disease that affects the cat's mouth, nose, and airways. In the process of the disease, the animal may develop ulcers on the tongue, nose, with…